SpiritualMessiah2A Spiritual Messiah™ (“ASM”) is a one-of-a-kind vocal music showcase for your choir. It represents a modern and economical alternative to Handel’s Messiah and also makes a stunning addition to your concert series any time of year.

Like Handel’s Messiah, A Spiritual Messiah features a chorus and four professional classically-trained soloists. Unlike Handel’s Messiah, no orchestra is required. ASM takes Negro spirituals and puts them into the dramatic structure of Handel’s Messiah for a unique re-telling of the Messiah story.

A Spiritual Messiah™ premiered Easter Sunday, March 31, 2013 in Lindsborg, Kansas, as part of the 132nd Messiah Festival of the Arts with the Bethany College choir under the direction of Dr. Jeffery Wall. Genevieve Bishop accompanied on the piano.  The audience and the performers shared an uplifting, inspiring and transformative afternoon.

A Spiritual Messiah was designed expressly to offer audiences a unique and soulful experience with four professional soloists from the American Spiritual Ensemble (see artists’ bios) and your own choir:

  • Karen Slack, soprano
  • Cherry Duke, mezzo-soprano
  • John Wesley Wright, tenor
  • Michael Preacely, baritone

A Spiritual Messiah also offers an option for your choir to be coached and conducted by American Spiritual Ensemble founder and director, Dr. Everett McCorvey.