“‘A Spiritual Messiah’ was one of the great highlights of my life. Bringing together such fabulous soloists and drawing upon our rich American heritage of Negro spirituals was truly a life-changing experience. Performances of ‘A Spiritual Messiah’ should rank among

A life-changing experience

“I had not really been exposed to the style of the African-American spiritual. We learned some of the history behind the spiritual pieces and what it takes to learn a completely new oratorio-length work in a short time.” –Tyler Breneman,

A Unique Learning Experience

“I had an amazing experience with the soloists in preparation for the world-premiere of “A Spiritual Messiah”. Working with Karen, Cherry, John and Michael on refining the work was fun and never boring, and watching their passion for their art

A Choir Member’s Perspective

“This program made a lasting, and overwhelmingly positive impression on the audience, the choir, and me! I am so fortunate that I had the opportunity to be a part of this stirring premiere.   It was truly a spiritual experience.”  –Dr.

Truly a Spiritual Experience

“Working with these soloists to present A Spiritual Messiah was a complete joy.  They have magnificent voices, but beyond that, they are beautiful people that will connect well with audiences, community, and students in any setting through this venture.”  

A Complete Joy